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Equipment can be serviced, checked over, overhauled, rebuilt, reconditioned, etc, however we consider that in many cases these terms are misunderstood or abused. If a modem, late-model machine has been well maintained, it should require only minor repairs in order to bring it up to the same standards as an older rebuilt machine. We feel that rather than calling a machine rebuilt, checked-over, overhauled, etc., it is more relevant to state that once the machine has been "through" our facility, it has been brought up to a reconditioned standard. Therefore, a machine offered as "reconditioned" has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned and any worn parts which would affect the operation would be replaced. In the case of a press, any pitted or worn ink or water rollers would be replaced and machines would be tested for print and registration.

Note: As these are used machines, some parts may have some wear, but to a degree where it would not affect the operation or printing and registration on a press. Therefore, these parts would not be replaced in order to keep the selling price at a competitive level. Only then can the machinery be satisfactorily and confidently covered by the comprehensive Allied Graphic "One-Month Parts and Labor Warranty" (except normal wearing parts), which gives the buyer complete confidence in the acquisition.

You can be confident when you buy from Allied Graphic. Our business has been built on the tradition of offering the finest equipment available at competitive prices.

REGARDING AGES: Where we have specified ages of equipment, the ages given have been taken from a list supplied by various manufacturers, and to the best of our knowledge, are accurate. However, because some new machines are shipped out of numerical sequence, the ages are only approximate.